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Watch Carol Coleman's Videos Below As She Builds A Portable Gothic Hoophouse & Low Tunnels




Our greenhouse designs built using these amazing Hoop Benders Tools have been featured on Television's "The Discovery Channel" and "more recently" a review in "MAKE" Magazine, and on 2/17/2010, it was Our Row Cover Hoop Benders that were featured on Martha Stewart's TV Show.  
Eliot Coleman, acclaimed & noted gardening writer/arthur has this to say about our Hoop Bending Tools 

The tool arrived yesterday and it is beautiful.  A French philosopher once commented, “You know you’ve achieved perfection in design, not when you have nothing more to add, but when you have nothing more to take away.”  The best ideas and the best designs are the simplest and your bender meets that standard in every way.  Thank you.  I will comment further after I have had a chance to try it out.



Visit Our Customer Photo Gallery At Our Sister Web Site.
And Look At Just A Few Of The Thousands Of Greenhouses Built By Our Customers

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$50.00 Gift Certificate
Price: $50.00
$50.00 Gift Certificate
Make A Gardener HAPPY! Give them a Gift Certificate Certificates are good for all products sold on only. Building their greenhouse can be both fun and rewarding >>Click on More Info to read more
12x12 Gable Greenhouse Connector Kit
Price: $428.88
Sale Price: $385.99
You Save: $42.89 (10 %)
12x12 Gable Greenhouse Connector Kit
All connectors required to build the 12x12 gable greenhouse as built in Carols video are in this connector kit. 1 3/8" fence. tubing not included. Poly covering sold seperately. If you need assistance planning your project call us 903-497-1158
on sale
Chicken Tractor Connector Kit
Price: $143.99
Sale Price: $129.59
You Save: $14.40 (10 %)
Chicken Tractor Connector Kit
Build the frames (shown in blue) using 1" emt, then connect them with the 1" emt side rails, add one or more doors, our exclusive design features a set of 2 cam action wheel hubs for use with 7" to 9" utility wheels having a 3/4" bore. Click More INFO
on sale



 We invented the Hoop Bending Concept and the Tools. We remain the leader in price, innovation, instructions and real customer support.

Everyone else simply follows us. 


Important Note:

Finished Hoop widths can vary on any metal tubing used, Regardless of Gage or Diameter! This varying is caused by the hardness of alloy (which is an unknown factor on all tubing) used in manufacturing the tubing.

Our hoop benders are fixed radius (not adjustable) they are preset to produce the specified hoop width using metal tubing having an average hardness alloy. We are not responsible for varying alloy's which can produce hoops smaller or larger than the average alloy's used today.

You are encouraged to read and review all instructions before making your choice of hoop bender to purchase.
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